Adamsfield 12/18


vehs at shacks

December saw 6 4WDs leave New Norfolk on Sunday morning to take on the Sawback track into Adamsfield. Normally our run takes place at the beginning of the “season” when the track opens after winter. But due to a very late request by Parks to do a recce., which we were unable to fulfil, we opted for a later trip.

After collecting the key from Mt. Field ranger station, we aired down at the track’s start and commenced the grind in. Once we entered the magnificent rainforest the fun and games started. The track surface became increasingly greasy with some winching required. A large water-filled bog posed a big problem and after Trip Leader Pat had to winch through, we elected to tow the rest through on the end of straps.

Further in a new obstacle was encountered. A huge myrtle tree had fallen roughly parallel and across the track and a very messy effort had been made to make an alternative track through. This caused us a lot of grief with several vehicles sustaining body damage before we were all clear of it. We lunched in drizzling rain at the top of the big hill and took in the awesome views between showers. As we descended, Chris Jacobs found himself jammed in a steep downhill washout that required  the winch to be brought into play. Must be a first!

While much of the rest of the trip in was quite technical, no further recoveries were needed. We made it to the airstrip and the Parks shelter much later than anticipated and wasted no time grabbing a feed and a brew. We then scrambled to the viewpoint overlooking the Adams Falls as they plunge into Lake Gordon. Mission completed, we put some air back into the tyres and drove out on the Clear Hill Road until we gained the Gordon River Road and then back to Hobart.

At least one driver said it was the toughest trip he’d ever done and Trip leader Pat thought was a pretty good benchmark!

                                                                                 Pat Murray.

Winch down hill

winch down hill

Green mud

green mud

Landy in mud

Landy at corner

Tight spot

winch through cut log