June Long Week End 2017


Clarence signJune long weekend trip 2017

Three vehicles arrived at the campsite on the edge of the Derwent River Friday with three more Saturday morning making a nice small group for the weekend activities. Pete and Maz, Peter and Thea, Eric and Gail, Chris and Marie (Marie one night only), John visiting from the Northern Rover club and other visitors Malcom, Denise & 96 year old Phil.

There was a little apprehension about the weather but it turned out better than forecast with two days of blue sky and one with a few showers. A camp fire and copious discussion was enjoyed each night.

Saturday saw a short trip to the Wayatinah pipelines and a climb up the power line track with Sunday being spent with a slightly longer excursion. We headed west taking the 14 Mile Road where a water race was followed for a short distance. The now near completed Wall in the Wilderness was next, followed with a drive up to Clarence Lagoon along the rocky access track. It was pleasing to see that considerable work had been undertaken clearing back the scrub from the sides of the track.

The return journey was via the Victoria Valley Road with a few deviations including the convict built dam at Victoria Valley and an alternative back road to Ouse.

The sunny Monday morning was spent in camp solving all those issues that arise when like-minded 4wdrivers get together with the participants dispersing to return home after lunch.

The campsite was made available with the goodwill of the landowner and Chris had a short discussion with farmer Tom about what we could do to return the favour. A task was discussed and agreed and a working bee will be arranged for an another weekend at the idillic camp site that has been become a regular destination in our trip program.

Ouse camp 2017

Access Track 1

Water Race

Access Track 2

Clarence Lagoon


Lagoon outlet

Convict dam