Boney Road Clean-up

feature imageLROCT did our annual track cleanup today in the Southern Forests. Boney Rd. is our nominated track and it was in bad shape this year. Locals using it as a tip with bags of household rubbish, a BBQ, big plasma TV and lots of tyres and disposable nappies-YUK. Filled two flat trays , negotiated a couple of bogs with much winching. Then headed off for lunch at the Forestry BBQ facility at Raminea. This too has been trashed by the single digit IQ fraternity. A beautiful marsupial lawn ripped to shreds and they even tried to remove the stainless food preparation surfaces by the BBQ. It is infuriating to have to deal with this bulls**t. Dob them in every chance you get!!

Tyres 250x250

Vehs on track 250x250

Ruts 250x250

Wheel spin 250x250