Ouse weekend 3/2019

Around the fireOuse weekend 3/2019

The weekend started with a pleasant surprise as an invitation was extended to club members to attend a cattle sale at the property’s sales yard. on the Friday. We first headed to the campsite and found the boom gate unlocked so we dropped off the caravans and in three cars travelled to the yards where lunch was provided in the form of a BBQ for the estimated 100 people. The highlight was the steaks that melted in the mouth. These no doubt came from a beast from the property.

After every one was satisfied with nourishment the sale started with us novices having trouble understanding the language of the auctioneer. We needed to keep our hands in or pockets and be careful not to nod our heads as we may have ended up with a lot of 10 beasts to take home. With prices of $800 to $1000 a head we may have found it a problem to raise the cash.

After the sale we retreated to our idyllic campsite beside the Derwent River to set up our individual rigs and prepare the fire pot for the traditional nibbles and natter around the fire before dinner. We had some visitors (4wders) from the big island who had been travelling around the State and had been staying at Peter and Thea’s place as one of the party was Thea’s niece. This expanded the the group around the fire to 20. The discussions extended into the night and many important problems of the world were solved.

After a leisurely awakening the next morning 9 vehicles headed up through the Victoria Valley to the old convict dam for morning tea and then to visit the Waddamana Power Station Museum and to try a trace the old Redgate Tramway. The recent bush fires went through the area and cleared undergrowth and it was an opportunity to visit the area to rediscover any remains that may now be evident. After about an hour at the museum the part split and the Mainlanders headed north to catch the Spirit and the remainder followed the road east. The tramway follows the line of the road from Waddamana to the Highland Lakes Road north of Bothwell for much of the way and despite the rain the old formation could be seen in numerous locations along the way. A quick stop in Bothwell and on to Ouse via the Tor Hill Road and back to Camp for another night around the fire.

Sunday morning was resting in camp except for a short excursion to collect firewood to replace that burnt. After lunch most packed up and headed for home. 

The weather during the weekend was exceptionally calm and other than rain during the trip out on the Saturday, the gods were kind with the days and evenings warm and free from the forecast showers.

Attendees:  David & Bev, Stan & Judy, Graeme & Gill, Pat, Brian & Christine, Kerry M, Peter & Thea, Chris B, and six visitors from the mainland. 



Food tent

Convict dam