NE Tasmania

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JANUARY 26TH - 29TH 2017


            Trip leader Pete & Maz        Discovery

            John & Jeune                      Range Rover

            Brian                                   Defender

            Rodney                               Toyota

            John  (Rover Club )            Discovery



Pete & I arrived at Myrtle Park at 11.30 am after spending the night at Oatlands. Not very impressed with the park as the sites I booked were given to others so we had to camp in the front paddock. Not to worry it was a beautiful day so we sent up camp & waited for the others to arrive.

Rodney arrived followed by John Denison, Brian & John Okeefe were not coming until later so we decided to go up to Mountain Stream Fisheries(public fishing ground) to see my daughter who manages the complex while I had a talk the  3 guys walked  around the ponds, they were quite impressed by it all. ( if you are up that way call in & have a look around)

Then we turned up Targa Hill Rd & up through Lisie & some forestry tracks, had the chain saw out a couple of times but could't find a way through so turned around & headed back to camp where Brian & soon after John arrived. After a chat we had dinner & drinks before retiring for the night.


We couldn’t wish for a better day for our beach trip from Bridport to Bellingham, left camp at 9.30 headed up through Scottsdale where we stopped for fuel etc. then on to Bridport to start our trip. Stopped to let the tyre pressuresa down & have some morning tea then continues onto the track.  It had changed a fair bit since we had been on it, a lot more water holes to get around, and would you know it yes, Pete went into one instead of going left side of it he went on the right side (he just doesn't listen I said go left) next thing we had water coming through the doors , John Denison came to the rescue and pulled us out.

Thankfully no one else had any trouble, we continued along the beach until we  came to the sand dunes where Pete & John D. had fun trying to get up to the top, after a couple of goes Pete made the top after letting his tyre pressures down more, John decided to give it a miss after 3 goes.

Continued on until we found a spot to have lunch out of the wind which had picked up this side of the sand dunes.

Packed up after lunch continuing on, can't believe the rubbish all around the camp sites, why can't people learn to pick up after them instead of just throwing it in the bushes & on the ground.

Fender had a wonderful time in & out of the water although I'm sure everyone got sick of throwing sticks for him to chase.

Next we came to the river every one crossed without any trouble today, sometimes it can get a bit tricky.

Got to the end of the track, pumped up tyres then on to Bellingham where we had a look around before heading for the highway. Turned off at Pipers River shop into Back Creek Road then on to Bluff track very interesting at times came out at Lefroy (A very popular mining town in the past) continued on & decided to take Doaks Rd. which takes you around the side of MT. Arthur interesting track, to Myrtle Park. what a great day that was, beach, bush, water, mud & sand couldn't get any better.

Back at camp showers, drinks & dinner.


Unfortunately John & Jeune had to leave us this morning because Jeune had to fly out to Melbourne on Tuesday morning for treatment on her heart & still had a lot to organize (hope all goes well).

The rest of us set off for Mt. Stronach, John D. lead the trip as he had been there before, the track was rather good except for one or two places I'm sure we only had one wheel on the ground at one stage which caused me to let out a scream or two. Finally got to the end where we came to a rather large rock, I naturally thought we would walk the rest of the way BUT no said Pete we will drive up I didn't have time to get out next thing we were going up!!!!!

Wow the view from the top was magnificent looking right out over Scottsdale & Bridport & beyond, what a beautiful place to have morning tea.

Back down the mountain Pete took over the lead. We were taking the back roads to hopefully end up at the Blue Lake.

We were following a map that Pete received from one of the members of the Braddon 4wd club. We followed a few back roads some were a bit of a challange but nothing we couldn't manage hoping we were on the right track but not too sure, anyway on we went stopping for lunch along the way. Poor Brian one of his cupboards came undone & he broke his Royal Daulton plate most upsetting for him as he had to eat his lunch off a PLASTIC plate. How degrading for a fine English gentleman!!!!

After turning into track after track & coming out at the way points Pete had put into his ipad we were sure all was going well.

Finally found the track which took us to the weir, wouldn't you know it after all that way the river crossing had too many deep holes not safe to cross. Was this where the other club crossed? After a talk Pete decided we would try to find another crossing, found one a bit further up the track which was very easy to cross so continued on the other side of river but the track just got too over grown. Turned around & being that time as getting on we headed back to the Tasman Highway. I'm sure we were very close to finding the right way so I guess that is a trip for next time.

Travelled through Derby stopping to look at the old tunnel, then took the Ten Mile track that took us back to the Tasman Highway the other side of Scottsdale, back to camp for a long deserved drink before dinner.


Another beautiful day slowly pack up had a last cuppa then hit the road for home. Pete's Disco started playing up on the way not sure what the trouble is when we finally got to Sorell I thought we would have to call RACT but we managed to limp home stopping every kg to get it going again. I'm sure Pete will fix it.

Thank you to all who came along it was a great few days the weather was perfect, the company was great.

A big thank you to John Denison who once again came along to join us & lead us to Mt. Stronach.

Hope to see you all again on another trip.

Pete & Maz