Jeffries’ & White Timber tracks 2/19

Bank of Huon RiverSunday 24th February saw trip Leader Pat Murray lead 5 other 4WDs out of New Norfolk to visit the Huon Valley by the back door. Winding through the Lachlan Valley was a pleasant prelude to climbing up to the western edge of the Western Wellington range which harbours both Jeffries’ and White Timber tracks. Farmland was soon left behind as the track began to require more attention from drivers, with washouts and holes needing negotiation. This was the first time out in a brand new 4WD for James Walker. Both performed well with only the loss of a mudflap being an issue! Morning tea was eaten on the plateau half way between the two valleys in full sun.

Shortly after we veered right to follow the White Timber track. This track is somewhat abbreviated these days and has been upgraded due to logging in the vicinity. Beautiful drive nonetheless through masses of ferns, straight gums and autumn berries everywhere. We eventually dropped down to Judd’s Creek which has just had its crossing rebuilt after winter floods. Then out through Judbury to a lunch spot beside the Huon River on She Oak Road. Stunning spot!

After lunch we drove along the North Huon road through Ranelagh, Lucaston and Crabtree to pick up Jeffries’ again.

A long steep climb put us back on the plateau again and saw us passing our morning turnoff to White Timber on the left. In delightful weather we drove down the track, negotiating all the obstacles without incident until we reached the Lachlan picnic grounds. Here we said our farewells. Particularly nice to see a very longtime member Frank Sharpe join us today.

                                                                       Pat Murray.

Vehicle entering water

Vehicle with boy

Lunch break

Vehicle ruts1