Wellington Range - Night run


On the 16th July 5 trucks assembled at Millbrook Rise outside New Norfolk to take on a night drive of Jeffries’ and White Timber tracks. For a change, Land Rover vehicles outnumbered the Orientals! At 17:30hrs. We set off in unusually mild weather. We climbed up into the hills that divide Lachlan from Crabtree and encountered varying conditions including waterholes and a deeply rutted clay section that took some concentration. The warmer conditions had put paid to any ambitions we had of snow driving however. After a short time we descended down the hill towards Crabtree and Grove.

For decades groups have been advocating formalising this link into a paved road between the two municipalities; any resulting road would be dire due to the long, steep, unremitting climb out of the Huon. I dread to think how some Asian tourist visitors would handle it.

Once into Grove we hung a right towards Huonville and passed the Huon Winterfest celebrations (with a cast of thousands). We then turned off onto the North Huon Road, through Judbury and called a break next to a roaring Judd’s Creek under an almost full moon for coffee and bikkies. A delightful interlude.

Mobile again, it was back through the gears as we climbed steadily up onto the plateau. What was once a rugged 4WD track has now been subsumed by logging roads in many places, but still interesting at night which gives an entirely different perspective. We did find the remains of the heavy recent snows which was an added bonus and conditions got more interesting as we gained the original White Timber track. One image taken of Ray’s 80 Series in this section now graces the 4WD Tas. Facebook page as header image!

At the junction of White Timber and Jeffries’ Rod and Ray bade us farewell as they headed back down the Huon. They said it was because they live down that way, we reckon it’s because they weren’t sure the Toyotas would last through Jeffries’ again!

At approx. 22:30 hrs we approached new Norfolk again and said our goodnights to what had been a highly enjoyable night.

Thanks to all who made the effort. Great company.