East Coast Waterfalls trip

 Four vehicles met at Conara for the run out through to Hardings Falls. We stopped for fuel at Avoca for fuel and nibbles before heading out to Royal George and the intersection with the M Road and turning left up to Hardings Falls.  A bit of blue sky and sunshine would have been nice.

The walk down to the bottom of the falls is quite steep, and does offer an alternative return on the River Loop track for those seeking a bit of variety.

Lunch was had at the picnic table in the Falls car-park, and we were joined by John & Jeune who had come up for a day trip.

We camped in a clearing in the bush, with plenty of space and dry wood for a fire but the rain returned again.

Friday saw some stay in camp and others went with Chris to have a look at the Longmarsh Dam area. A pesky star picket on the side of the track, with about 10cm showing above ground, pierced a tyre on both vehicles, making some wheel changing necessary.

More heavy rain overnight was a worry as the ground was getting very soggy. Two unladen vehicles were sent out first, leaving the 2 caravans until the slide on camper could get into position to winch if needed.

The extra weight of the camper caused it to break the surface and this caused some problems for Chris following. Winching became necessary.

Peter exited by engaging warp speed and executing a hover manoeuvre to avoid sinking. Powered by Newton's Third Law using the available mud he exited without drama. Stopping was achieved by progressively loading the van down with mud being shot out from his rear tyres.

As now there were two vehicles towing with out usable spare tyres, we chose the easier exit via Cranbrook rather than take the risk of further tyre damage on the forestry roads.

With coffee and pies at Swansea we headed off home down the East Coast Highway.

Dave Lees